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SAAGH Board of Directors

Steve Paul was re-elected President of the Shell Alumni Association of Greater Houston for 2023 at the November Board meeting. Many thanks to Steve and to all the returning Officers and Directors who continued to provide outstanding leadership for SAAGH during the continuing challenges in 2022, We thank departing directors Bob Awe, Dave Dudek and Linda Durant for their outstanding contributions, and we welcome Michael Alvarez and Gretchen Buchmeyer as new Directors on the Board. Their contributions are already being felt and are most welcome.

Legally, SAAGH is a 501(c)(4) tax exempt non-profit corporation existing exclusively to promote social welfare activity for Shell pensioners.  SAAGH accomplishes this mission by organizing social, informational and volunteer activities for its members throughout the Greater Houston Area. The entity is managed by a diverse 18 member Board of Directors who are enthusiastic volunteers from the ranks of Shell alumni serving two-year terms which may be renewed. Some of the Directors are also elected to serve in officer positions such as President, certain Vice Presidents and Treasurer. The Board meets bimonthly (in odd numbered months) to discharge its responsibilities which include promoting fellowship and volunteerism among Shell pensioners, maintaining a connection between Shell and its pensioners and ensuring the corporation remains viable and financially sound.

Members who wish to serve as a SAAGH Director should apply via email to  We welcome applicants from all background areas of Shell, but especially desirable talents include IT background and specifically web page design and PayPal knowledge.  Applicants must be willing to commit to attend board meetings, coordinate one or more SAAGH social offerings and to advance the SAAGH mission of being a vibrant, attractive and relevant organization for Shell Pensioners.

The 2023 calendar of events and volunteer opportunities will return to a more typical SAAGH offering. And be assured we are working on some new, excellent ideas and will update the Events calendar as they become finalized. We will also strive to continue our facilitation and participation in Shell sponsored volunteer events to the extent these are available in 2023. These projects will be posted as they become available.

First NameLast NamePositionPhone
STEPHENPAULPresident(713) 818-6925
LUISCOSMEExecutive Vice President(713) 503-6072
VALBROCKPast President(713) 823-0335
JIMCASTLESTreasurer(713) 256-0635
CINDYGADDISAsst. Treasurer(832) 600-9507
RANDYPETTYVP, Membership(832) 492-4907
JOHNBOWSERVP, Volunteer Affairs(281) 723-4707
MICHAELALVAREZDirector(281) 733-4801
FORRESTBJERKAASDirector(281) 395-4437
GRETCHENBUCHMEYERDirector(504) 450-3847
WILLIAMCHALMERSDirector(713) 304-6001
MAUREENFITZGERALDDirector(713) 775-5814
JIMMIEISAACDirector(281) 788-5911
BRENDASCHROEDERDirector(713) 376-9371
JOSESOLANODirector(281) 398-4919
SHARONSTAFFELDirector(281) 216-2828
RICHARDSWAINDirector(281) 286-0602
CAROLYNYAPPDirector(713) 922-6336