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The Shell Alumni Association of Greater Houston (SAAGH) is a non-profit organization that promotes fellowship and volunteerism among Shell pensioners and maintains a connection between Shell and its pensioners. SAAGH’s mission is to be a vibrant, attractive and relevant organization for Shell pensioners by providing events, activities and services that appeal to a wide range of interests, and keep people connected to each other while having fun doing it.

2020 SAAGH Board of Directors

Steve Paul was re-elected President of the Shell Alumni Association of Greater Houston for 2020 at the November Board meeting. Kelly Lang is the Executive Vice President. John Bowser is the Vice President of Volunteer Activities and Randy Petty is Vice President of Membership. We welcome David Dudek, Carolyn Yapp and Forrest Bjerkaas who joined the Board as new Directors.

Many thanks to our returning President, Steve Paul, who provided outstanding leadership for SAAGH in 2019, and the other returning Officers and Directors. And much appreciation to Bob Weiner, Vaughn Phillips, Ken Broussard, and Chuck Ingham, who completed their Directorship terms, for their many contributions to SAAGH over the years they served. For a listing of the Officers and Directors for 2020, CLICK HERE.

The calendar of events for 2020 is posted on the events page - CLICK HERE.  For 2020, we will strive to expand our facilitation and increase participation in Shell sponsored volunteer events. CLICK HERE for the 2020 volunteer activities.

Shell Benefits Site

The SAAGH Board would like to call attention to the Benefits page on the Shell Alumni U.S. website.  This is the site for retirees with various question on benefits to submit those questions and concerns to the appropriate parties.  Healthcare is an utmost concern at the current time with COVID-19.   

Discussion on Houston's Human Trafficking Problem

On January 14th, SAAGH will host a deep dive discussion into Houston's human trafficking problem  This free, virtual event will feature Patricia Holmes, author of Searching for Pilar and Minal Patel Davis, Special Advisor to the Mayor on Human Trafficking for the City of Houston.   Patricia will discuss her motivation for writing this story set in Houston.  Minal will discuss Houston's efforts to eliminate human trafficking and how Houston is viewed as a leader in reducing human trafficking.  To enhance your experience, please consider reading Searching for Pilar prior to the event.  Click here if you'd like to purchase a Kindle version of the book for $0.99.  Registration to the event will be coming soon.


Post Election Webinar - Presented by Stavis and Cohen 

On November 18th, 57 members accepted an invitation from Stavis and Cohen Financial to attend a Post Election Webinar.  The webinar featured Jason Trennert, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Strategas Research Partners who discussed the potential effects of the election on the investment markets.

Mind Body Seminar 

On October 20th, 19 participants learned from Dr. Manizeh Mirza-Gruber, a certified mind-body skills facilitator, the physiology of the mind-body connection and practiced several evidence based skills that reduce stress and anxiety and support health and vitality in mind, body and spirit.

Fall Golf Tournament 

On October 13th, 100 players participated in another great SAAGH golf tournament.  Congratulations to all!  Under these circumstances all of you are winners!.  The tournament was different, of course, with the limitations of COVID-19, so a special thanks to each player for showing your concerns for fellow players by wearing masks and socially distancing.  Well done!  Looking forward to Spring 2021 tournament!

Painted Churches Tour  (pictures)

On October 10th 30 adventurous alumni made the trip to Schulenburg for a socially-distanced tour of four beautiful painted churches, paired with an outdoor brownbag lunch. We had an excellent local tour guide and learned a lot while enjoying a nice Fall day!

Annual Fall Luncheon 

On September 29th, over 200 alumni attended the Annual Fall Luncheon. The SAAGH president, Steve Paul, provided an update followed by a short presentation from Gretchen Watkins.  

Recent Changes in the Oil & Gas Sector 

On Wednesay, August 5th, over 150 SAAGH members and spouses attended the Recent Changes in the Oil and Gas Sector including the Impact of COVID-19 presented by Katie Cottingim, VP of Investor Relations. A recording of the webinar is available until August 19th. Click here to access the recording.

Houston COVID-19 Update

On Wednesay, July 15th, over 150 SAAGH members and spouses attended the Houston COVID-19 Update provided by Marvin Odum.   

Financial Seminars

On Tuesday, June 9th, Nick Johnson of Willis Johnson and Associates presented Financial Planning Strategies During the Corona Virus.
On Thursday, June 18th, Deborah Stavis of Stavis & Cohen Financial presented Post Pandemic Estate Planning - The New Playbook. 

Spring Member Luncheon - March 11th (pictures)

Our annual spring luncheon on March 11th at the beautiful Junior League of Houston was enjoyed by all attendees. Khambrel Marshall, Meteorologist and Member of the KPRC 2 Severe Weather Team and host of Houston Newsmakers, gave an inspiring insight to his life, career, love of the
Houston area and his personal outreach in making Houston a better place for others. Khambrel is a very approachable, kind and entertaining individual that spent time visiting & talking with many of the luncheon attendees. John Bowser, Linda Durant, Jose Solano and Carolyn Yapp were the
organizers. Thank you!

Spring Cooking Class - March 9th (pictures)
Another sold out Central Market cooking event was held on March 9 where participants explored an Italian Trattoria menu. A trattoria is a casual Italian eatery where the menus are written on a chalkboard, the food is served family-style, and service is casual. The group learned how to make
Italian favorites and create trattoria-style meals at home. Thanks to Steve Paul, SAAGH President,
and Carolyn Yapp, SAAGH Director, for organizing.

The Green Book at Ensemble Theatre - February 15th (pictures)

The Ensemble Theatre's adaptaion and performance of "The Green Book" that was inspired by Victor Hugo Green’s historical “The Negro Motorist Green Book,” the setting takes place during a weekend when the Davis’ are celebrating the arrival of Dr. W. E. B. DuBois for a lecture. The appearance of a white visitor, who turns out to be a Jewish Holocaust survivor, sets off a chain of events showing that racism and anti-Semitism cannot be ignored. This play is an investigation of the impact of Civil Rights on contemporary American issues.

Norman Rockwell Exhibit at MFAH - January 28th (pictures)

Norman Rockwell: American Freedom is the first comprehensive exhibition devoted to Norman Rockwell’s iconic depictions of the Four Freedoms outlined by Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Fear, and Freedom from Want. The presentation explores how Rockwell’s 1943 paintings came to be embraced by millions of Americans. These works of art provided crucial aid to the war effort and took their place among the most indelible images in the history of American art.

2017 (Mostly) Cru Classe' Bordeaux Tasting - January 16th

In the elegant Crystal Ballroom at the Rice Hotel, we joined a spectatular tasting arranged by Spec's at which some French chateau owners, directors and wine makers presented approximately 60 mostly Cru Classe' wines, all from the fine 2017 vintage.  This was our eighth year to join this popular event which is an amazing value and special opportunity to enjoy these well-known and highly regarded wines.      


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